Sheet Metal Stamping and Fabrication

Complete Prototype Services has the ability to produce both prototype and production stampings and assemblies. Our Die Design Team at CPS has had an extensive experience in the sheet metal industry over the years.  We can offer nearly any service asked from our customers with a dedicated group of employees who build, form, cut, and assemble all to your stamping requirements. By utilizing our in house equipment, such as CNC press brakes, shears, benders, lasers, presses, and welders, we are confident that we will meet or exceed our customer’s requirements each and every time.



  • 1000 Ton hydraulic press with a 60” X 120” bed
  • 250 Ton hydraulic press with a 36” X 60” bed
  • 250 Ton hydraulic press with a 48” X 48” bed
  • 100 Ton hydraulic press with a 36” X 48” bed
  • 50 Ton hydraulic press with a  90” X 60” bed
  • 45 Ton mechanical press with a 19” X 28” bed
  • (2) 60 Ton CNC Press Brake
  • Mitsubishi Flat Laser
  • Mitsubishi 5 Axis Laser
  • 10’ Shear
  • Niagra Mechanical Stamping Press
  • CNC Tubing Bender
  • Accuform draw simulation software