Rapid Prototyping


With our extensive knowledge & capability in the Rapid Prototype industry, CPS offers SL parts and Services that are second to none.

Our SLA ® 5000 offers a great combination of size, speed and accuracy.

Our SLA ® Viper offers Dual Resolution, allowing the customer to choose between speed and resolution in standard mode, and extreme detail and precision in HR (High Resolution) mode.

Our Sinterstation ® HiQ™ SLS® Systems offer high speed, durable and functional models using powder in an additive process that bonds the materials using heat.

With capacity like this CPS can produce your SL model in a matter of days and sometimes even hours.

CPS can provide you with a wide range of finishes for your RP models as well, from a standard engineering review finish to polished, chromed, textured, or painted presentation and display models.  Please make your specifications known when discussing your options with our Sales Team.

RTV Silicone Tooling and Urethane Parts

If you are looking for low volume parts with material properties similar to production, CPS provides this service to our customers as well.

CPS RTV and Silicone Tooling equipment include the following:

  • Vacuum/Pressure Processing Tank
  • Meter Mix Dispensers
  • Silicone Dispensing Machine
  • Post Curing Oven
  • Vacuum Casting Machine Model MKV2 equipped with differential pressure
  • Ovens as support for vacuum casting chamber.

  • Equipment

  • (2) 3D Systems SLA-5000 Machines
  • (2) 3D Systems Viper Si2 SLA Machines
  • (2) 3D Systems SLS HiQ+HS High Speed 100 Watt Sinterstations
  • 3D Systems SLS Break Out Stations
  • EXFO Lite Ultra Violet Bonding Station
  • 3D Systems Large Platform Parts Curing Apparatus
  • 3D Systems Medium Platform Parts Curing Apparatus
  • Material

  • 3D Systems Acura 55
  • Somos ® 9120
  • EOS Fine Polyamide PA 2200
  • EOS Glass-filled Fine Polyamide PA 3200 GF