Reaction Injection Molding

Reaction Injection Molding, or RIM, is an alternative process to injection molding that allows for similar characteristics of injection molded parts.  In the RIM process, two liquids are mixed together while being injected into a mold, resulting in a chemical reaction.  This chemical reaction hardens the liquids, forming a polyurethane part.  There are several advantages to using this injection molding alternative.  RIM molding allows for large parts, such as fascias or bumpers, to be built for a low cost in tooling.  Also, because of the minimal shrinkage of material, the RIM process allows for wall thickness to change throughout the part, allowing for more options in part design. 

All of our Reaction Injection Molding is done in house between our Plant 1 facility and Plant 3 Facility.  At our Plant 3 Facility, we are the only company in Michigan to posses our own 500 Ton Cincinnati RIM press, with a 10’ by 8’ platen, enabling us to run large parts, such as fascias or bumpers, in house.


  • 500 Ton Cincinnati RIM Press