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A happy child means a happy parent!

If you’re thinking about moving overseas — with school age children — my guess is that two of your most pressing concerns are:
1.  How you will keep your  children’s education on track and…
2. How you will help your children to fit in, i.e., make friends, learn a language stay active and interested –in other words, stay happy?

You might not even feel settled about a relocation until you have an idea about how to go forward where the kids are concerned.

Raising children abroad is an enriching,  eye-opening, and exciting experience! But it also raises specific concerns challenges during times of transition. I know because my family did it, and in our case, under some trying circumstances.

You don’t have to move to a cloud forest in the Panama Highlands to benefit from my experience. I have faced many obstacles and challenges over the past seven years, and it’s likely you will encounter some of them, but not as many. Still, it was a great adventure for us all! I was able to help my child thrive, and I want to help you help yours.

With so many schooling options available today, the choices can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start. Plus, there is more than one way to manage a child’s education abroad. Ultimately, the decisions you make will depend on what is available to you, on your child’s disposition and learning styles, on his or her aptitudes, interests, and on other factors as well.

My adventure began with a boy only only half way through the crucial third grade. It ended with a happy,  fully  assimilated, bi-lingual and bi-cultural young gentleman who moves with ease between the two cultures he embraces and embodies.

Let me share my tips about what I observed was working– and was not working so well — not only for my family, but for a variety of families around me. Included are check -lists about what to take with you,  discussions about education options: homeschooling, distance and online learning, traditional school, tutoring and language acquisition as well as ideas for managing difficult transitions. Let me offer up ideas for keeping your kids happy and on track. We did it, and you can, too!

CLICK HERE  to read first chapters FREE.

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