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Crave This? I Have Something Better!

August 19, 2015

Real Advice & Help from a Bona Fide Sugar Addict

Before you reach for that chocolate bar, the bag of caramels, a piece of cake or whatever you have handy to satisfy a desperate and uncontrollable desire for something sugary,  take just a few minutes to prepare this. Then, it up in a pretty dish, and eat it lovingly, savoring every satisfying spoonful. It will fullfil your sweet tooth comletely, and you won’t find yourself making false promises about doing better with your diet…tomorrow.

I crave all things super sweet. Not only that, they have to be satisfyingly sweet. A yogurt doesn’t quite cut it for me. Not enough substance. I’d prefer two chocolate puddings, preferably with  tapioca. When I eat ice cream, I crumble cookies or candy into my scoop for added sweet and texture.  I love f licorice, and white and mild chocolate. I learned at an early age how to boil up a can of condensed, Evaporated milk to make “cajeta” or caramel, which I could then eat by the spoonful, or, still warm, pour over Angel food cake.  I like anything sweet but especially sweets that are really and truly bad, the kind of bad that will make my blood sugar shoot to the moon.
And oh the cravings. I crave sugar every single day, and when I want it, I have to have it. No white knuckling it for this gal. I’ve been know to say I’d step over my own baby to get to a bag of candied orange slices. I especially want a sweet treat after a good meal, or when hours have slipped without eating. I want sugar any time of day that I happen to feel bored, sad, or happy. If I’m watching the Food Channel on television, I muster up continual cravings for any sweet dish that comes up on my screen.

I hope from this you can trust that I would not recommend a recipe to satisfy a genuine sweet tooth unless I meant business. While the recipe below is sweet, for sure, it is also nutrient rich and… there is no added sugar!

TIP: Try a healthy sweet treat like this around 2pm or 3pm to steady your appetite until dinner. Better yet, have it for dessert instead of cookies and ice cream! You won’t be disappoinged.


imagePut these ingredients in a blender, lightly chopped to ease the processing:

1/2 cup Sweet Plantain
1/2 cup Ripe Avacodo
2 slices  of Fresh or Canned (no sugar added) Pineapple
1/2 cup light or regular Coconut milk
2 tablespoons Fresh Lemon Juice (or lime)
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 packet of good quality Stevia
Blend-to-puree well, then pour into your favorite glass.  Now,  lace the top with a layer of Coconut Milk and eat slowly … with a spoon…savoring every sweet drop.

image image


  1. Better than serving on ice, or adding ice cubes to the mix, which will only result in a watered down version, freeze lemon juice or coconut milk in a ice cube tray and use these for your smoothie.
  2. Freeze portions nearly all the way for an icy treat;
  3. Freeze in paper cup w/stick for home-made ice pops.


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