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Warm Steak Salad w/ Pear & Egg

February 19, 2015

This salad gives you almost perfect food combining (okay, the virtuous can legitimately argue the pear is just all wrong), mixing fresh, hydroponic greens with happy proteins. But hey, use any greens you have handy! It’s so easy to make a beautiful salad out of what you have handy!

The filet mignon featured here is grass-fed & neither the cow nor Miss Hen had miserable, factory-farmed lives. Indeed, as far as I know, the little hen is still running free in Rumelia’s yard.

I use Arugula a lot because for me, it’s so rich in substance and flavor, it’s like the “steak of all letuces.”  It adds oomph to your whole salad meal.

And I use (pureists will cringe) ice berg lettuce whenever I feel like it. The way I see it, I’m using so many nice, green leaves, who cares if I throw in some ice berg? The truthy is, most people are relieved to have something to crunch their teeth into! Again, use any lettuces  you have, but do break them up smallish. The French will balk but I say “P-Shaw!”  becaueI really hate looking like an odd animal when I a giant leaf of lett’m all dressed and then have to try to fold a piece of lettuce the size of a baby’s head onto a fork and then  cram it into my mouth. So, unsophisticated me … I’m all for the bite-sized salad. It’s only radical until everyone is doing it! Ha! Then it’s chic!

Easy Preparation

LETTUCE: Use two or three varieties.
Soak 2 large handfuls of Arugula in a bowl of water laced with 1/3 cup white vinegar, for 10 minutes
Soak 4 large handfuls of any other lettuce you like as well, to make a total of 6 hands full of lettuce.
Spin lettuce dry in a salad spinner. Nothing ickier than drippy, wet lettuce!

Place the dry lettuce into a bowl. Into the bowl…

  • Shake 3 shakes of Olive Oil.
  • Squeeze in juice from 1/2 an orange or 1/2 a mandarin right on top (2 tbsp orange juice if you don’t have fresh!)
  • Sprinkle 1/4 tsp fresh or ground, bottled thyme right on top
  • Sprinkle pepper & salt to taste.

Now, mix all the lettuce up in the bowl, using a pair of scissors to chop and stir as you mix …
When lettuce is bite-sized and coated, arrange the dressed salad to cover 4 plates

Around the edge of the plate, arrange:

  • Sliced tomato
  • Sliced boiled egg
  • Sliced pear from a can, or fresh pear if you have it (or fresh, sliced apple or any fruit of your choice)

In the center of the plate, arrange your sliced Filet Mignon.



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