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Salad with Left-Overs? Easy!

May 11, 2015

imageIt took six minutes.

  • I had already roasted a turkey earlier in the week, pulled the breast off, and stored it in the cold cuts drawer. (Use any meat  you have handy! There are no hard rules here.) So I just sliced off some pretty pieces.
  • I had made a double batch of pesto days ago. Then, I froze half the batch & used the other half –bit by bit — the last of it here. (This time, not finding walnuts or pine nuts, I used unsalted cashews in my pesto… delicious! See? No rules!)
  • I found a little washed & ready arugula, but any salad leaf will do.
  • I decorated the sides of the platter with a a sliced, whole tomato & some lovely papaya, but use  whatever you have handy in the fridge, e.g., cucumber, onion, pear, olives. Use your imagination. Use what you have.)
  • I spread a generous portion of pesto onto the slices of turkey.
  • I arranged all my ingredients on a platter.
  • With all the items in place, I sprinkled a few tablespoons of cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil over the top, followed by  a spritz of lemon over the whole platter.
  • For the final finish,  I tossed on a gentle & happy shake of my favorite seasoned salt.

Voila! Easy, breezy, left-over salad …pretty enough to serve, delicious enough to devour!

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